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Web Acceleration is Here!

Can’t get DSL? Or don’t want to pay the high price for it? Now there’s an alternative: Web Acceleration! This service, another first for San Juan County Internet users brought to you by The Computer Place, is now available -- and at a price that can’t be beat.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Web Acceleration:

What is Web Acceleration? Web Acceleration is a technology that improves web-surfing by increasing download performance over normal telephone lines. It provides a dramatic improvement in web-surfing speed, which is especially important for dialup users who either don’t have access to DSL service, or don’t want to pay the higher price for such service. Customers surfing the ‘net with this new technology will find web pages download up to five times faster than using traditional dialup.

How does it work? The Accelerator utilizes caching and compression to speed the delivery of web pages to the browser on your computer. Caching, or storing—in this case, on a compression server—reduces the time spent waiting for the web content to be relayed from the web host to the browser. Compression reduces the amount of data transferred over the data connection, most importantly the last section of the connection, which is the modem and telephone lines that represent the final, and slowest, link to the customer. An optional feature of the Accelerator software is the ability to block annoying “pop-up” ads. This feature further improves performance by avoiding the download of unwanted content.

How fast is it? Using the Accelerator, a dialup connection that regularly averages 48,000 bits per second—a typical download speed using a 56K modem—may see data rates equivalent to as much as 240K. This speed is comparable to what many DSL users average with connections costing more than twice as much.

What do I need to make it work? Because the Accelerator works by caching on its own server, and by compressing the data before sending it to a customer’s computer over standard telephone lines through a normal dialup modem connection, it does not require any new hardware. It also works anywhere telephone service is available, with no distance limitations. It does require a small amount of software, which can be downloaded for free in just a few minutes. To download the Windows version of the accelerator software, click here. To download the Macintosh OSX version of this software, click here. Once this process is complete, simply open the file you downloaded; the Windows version will automatically install itself at that point while the Macintosh version will create a "virtual disk image" on your desktop (just open this icon and launch the installer inside).

How much does it cost? Best of all, the incremental price of this new service, above the normal cost of dialup access, is only $4.00 per month, making the full cost of high-speed Internet service from Interisland.net only $26.00 monthly, or $266 per year (with prepayment discounts).

How do I sign up? Just call The Computer Place at 378-8488 to request the service (anytime between 9am and 5pm weekdays, or 10am and 4pm on Saturday). Web Acceleration is available to everyone in San Juan County; in fact, you don't even have to be an Interisland.net customer. When you call, we’ll be happy to explain the process and set up your account for acceleration. Soon you’ll be zooming around the web and wondering how you ever lived without it!