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Setting Up Your Computer for "Roaming"

Should you wish to connect to the Internet from OUTSIDE of San Juan County, you should connect through one of our "Roaming" dialup access points.

To access the Internet while roaming in this fashion, you only need to append "@interisland.net" to the login name you regularly use to connect. For example, if your regular login username is "user", you would change this to "user@interisland.net" to login through a "roaming" access point. The same password will work that you currently use to dial up, so you'll only need to change your username and the phone number in order to roam.

This "roaming option" should save you long distance charges for Internet access when you're outside of San Juan County. To help you find phone numbers that may be a "local call" from wherever you are (or plan to be), just browse to our
" Call Finder" and enter either the Area Code or the State in which you will want roaming dial-up access. You'll be presented with a list of cities and access numbers to use -- pick one that will be a "local call" for you when you're on the road (there should be one among the over 7500 choices).

That's all it takes!