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Setting Up Your Computer for Internet Access

Windows Connection to Friday Harbor

  1. Start the Internect Connection Wizard by:
    • Open My Computer, open Control Panel, open Internet Options, single click the Connections tab, then click the Setup button.
  2. Choose I want to setup my Internet connection manually- then click Next.
  3. Choose I connect through a phone line and a modem then click Next.
  4. Enter the Internet account connection information then click Next.
    • Area code - leave blank
    • Phone number - 378-9402
    • Un-check Dial using the area code and country code
  5. Enter the Internet account logon information then click Next.
    • Username - Type in your username
    • Password - Type in your password
  6. Connection name - Type Interisland.
  7. If you already have you email configured, then you are done. If not continue on to step 8.
  8. Setup your Internet mail account - Select Yes then click Next.
  9. Internet Mail account - Select Create a new Internet mail account then click Next.
  10. Display name - Type your full name, e.g. John Doe then click Next.
  11. Email address - Type your email address e.g. username@interisland.net then click Next.
  12. Enter the Email Servers Name information then click Next.
    • My incoming mail server is a POP3 server
    • Incoming mail server - pop3.interisland.net
    • Outgoing mail server - smtp.interisland.net
  13. Enter the Internet Mail logon information then click Next.
    • Account name - Type in your username
    • Password - Type in your password
    • Do not check logon using secure password
  14. Complete Configuration
    • Un-check the box Connect to the Internet immediately-
    • Click Finish
    • Close any remaining open windows by clicking the X in the upper right corner
  15. You have now created a connection to Interisland - using the Friday Harbor dialup.
To access the Internet double click the Internet Explorer, or for email double click the Outlook Express icon on your desktop.