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Setting Up Your Computer for Internet Access

Macintosh OS 8.5- Friday Harbor Connection
Setting up Your Primary Connection

  1. Double click Macintosh HD, double click the Internet folder, double click Internet Setup Assistant. Answer the following setup questions.
  2. Would you like to set up your Mac to use the Internet? Click YES.
  3. Do you already have an Internet account? Click YES.
  4. Introduction screen - click the right arrow.
  5. Configuration name and connection type:
    • What would you like to name this configuration? Type Interisland.
    • How will you be connecting to the Internet? Select Modem
    • Click the right arrow.
  6. Modem settings:
    • Which modem are you using? Select Mac Internal 56K
    • Which port is the modem connecting to? Select Internal Modem
    • Does your phone line use tone or pulse? Select Tone
    • Click the right arrow.
  7. Configuration information:
    • What is the phone number for this configuration? Type 378-9402
    • What name do you use with this service? Type your username.
    • What is your password? Type your password.
    • Click the right arrow.
  8. PPP Connect Scripts: Does your ISP require that you use a PPP Connect Script when you log in? Select NO then click the right arrow.
  9. IP Address: Is there an IP address for this configuration? Select NO then click the right arrow.
  10. Domain Name Servers:
    • What is the DNS address for this configuration? Leave blank.
    • What is the Domain Name for this configuration? Type mail.interisland.net
  11. E-mail address and password:
    • What is the e-mail address for this configuration? Type username.interisland.net
    • What is the e-mail password for this configuration? Type your password.
    • What is the quoting character you would like to use? Leave as is
    • Click the right arrow.
  12. E-mail account and host computer:
      What is the email account for this configuration? Type username@interisland.net
    • What is the email host for this configuration? Type mail.interisland.net
    • Click the right arrow.
  13. Newsgroup Host Computer: Type news.interisland.net. Click the right arrow.
  14. Do you use proxy servers for Internet connections? Select NO. Click the right arrow.
To access the Internet, double click the Internet Explorer or Netscape icons on your desktop. To access email, double click the Outlook Express icon on your desktop or go directly to mail from within your browser. To disconnect from the Internet, click on the Apple in the upper left-hand corner, clickon Remote Access, then click Disconnect.