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Setting Up Your Computer for Internet Access

Here are the instructions to FTP into your folder.

1. The FTP server needs to be ftp.interisland.net, not just interisland.net.

2. The remote folder/directory will be blank unless the your site is not the same as your username. Don't forget that you also need to log-in with your username and password and not anonymous.

3. In your folder you will have a Pub_HTML folder. Make sure that you put your web site in the Pub_HTML folder. If you don't, nobody will be able to view your site.

4. If you name your homepage file default.htm or index.html you will not need to type that into your URL for your page to be seen. I.e., www.interisland.net/paul/default.htm will produce the same results as if you entered just www.interisland.net/paul.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:
Phone: (360) 378-8488
e-mail: info@interisland.net
Fax: (360) 378-8496
Web Site: http://www.compplace.com

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